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The Astonishing Adventures of FanBoy and GothGirl by Barry Lyga


Mary Ellen M said...

*** This book really shows the struggles of a high school boy with no friends. In this book "Fanboy" struggles with school. He is not dumb at all, in fact he even convinced his teacher about something totally fake about the depression last year. Fun little twists like these keep the book interesting. He has struggles when it comes to his social life. His one and only 'friend' is Cal, who just happens to be friends with all of the guys who are on The List. The list...well if you read the book you will find out what that is. Also, if you like some slick remarks just wait until you read and find out who Gothgirl is. She really adds a twist. I enjoyed this book and it gets even more surprising at the end.

Patty N said...

“The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Gothgirl” was almost insightful for me. It really delved into the social cliques at school and how wrong they are. It kinda makes you aware of who is in school and what social class they are in. I also related to Fanboy pretty well, because he’s kinda like me…with fewer friends. It was still really cool to be able to know what a character is thinking instead of just reading it and not understanding how they’re feeling. It’s rather sad though, the people who don’t see these social classes, yet participate in them.

Colton E said...

*** The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl by Barry Lyga was an interesting book. It was about this geek kid who is just trying to get though high school. He meets this girl, Kyra, who is trying to help him stand up for himself after she takes pictures of him taking abuse during gym. I thought that the book was ok for the most part. A lot of the book was just about the life of Fanboy. Though the book was a little melodramatic, the ending was really good. The end was very realistic which makes the book very relatable.