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  • * I do not recommend this book

Fairie Wars by Herbie Brennan


Sandra L said...

**** Faerie Wars was a very intriguing story. The characters were well developed and the story had wonderful description. The story jumps around a bit between the different characters, but the author almost needed to as a means to keep everything in chronological order and to keep the reader updated with everything that is going on. I like how the story, despite being a fantasy, kept a realistic feel to it by tying in science and well known legends. I also liked how the author jumped between the Analog World and the Faerie Realm because it shows the two different perspectives of what’s normal and what isn’t. I still haven’t decided on a favorite character. I think at the moment it would have to be Pyrgus because he’s very humble for royalty, but I love and/or love to hate all the other heroes and villains of the story. My favorite part of the first book was the ending. I defiantly recommend these books to people with a good imagination.

Gavin Pinnow said...

**** Faerie Wars is an eye opener to the make believe. It offers ideas of alternate worlds and the story of magic begins. The main character Pyrgus Malvae gets himself into a lot of trouble even in the beginning of the book. In reading further you may come to realize that he is targeted and in a lot of trouble with a lot of unworldly creatures. It makes you think if there really is another world that we are unaware of and if urban legends and the “make believe” are really just a legend. I recommend this to anyone who likes a fast paced action packed book and of course anyone who likes the “make believe” and has a wandering imagination.