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Push by Sapphire

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Caprice said...

The novel Push by Sapphire was a terribly sad, but amazing book. The story is written from the point of view of Precious; a sixteen year old African-American girl who lives with her mother who sexually abuses her. When Precious is only five years old she is raped by her father. The raping continues and by the time she is twelve she gives birth to her first child she names Mongo. At sixteen Precious is pregnant with her second child and no longer able to go to school because she is pregnant. She so dearly wants to learn and is given the opportunity to go to an alternative school taught by Miss Rain. Miss Rain teaches Precious how to read and write, and helps Precious when she leaves her mother’s apartment and lives with her newborn son, Abdul, in a half-way house for women. This story is inspirational and touching. Although the book at times can be hard to read, for there are many misspelled words, and it is graphic and disturbing, I would recommend this book.