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Ender’s Shadow by Orson Scott Card


Andrew N said...

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-Ender’s Shadow by Orson Scott Card is just as amazing as Ender’s Game, but in a much different way. Enders Shadow is different because it isn’t about Enders triumphs and failures directly, instead it is from the perspective of one of Enders closest friend Bean. The book begins with Beans struggles on the streets of the city Rotterdam, he is only 4 years old and completely alone. Most children in Beans position would have died, but he was special. Bean is an intellectual genius who even when all odds are against him finds a way to prevail over the situation at hand. I strongly recommend this book to anyone and everyone. There is a little something for all types of readers. In fact I recommend the whole Ender’s Series. Whether you start with Ender’s Shadow or Ender’s game I give my word that you will very much enjoy it. Also in case anyone is wondering reading one before other won’t at all ruin any part of either because Orson Scott Card is an amazing author and he writes using the other to build off of the original and it is simply amazing.

RJ L said...

Enders Shadow was also one of the most amazing books I have ever read. How Card goes so in-depth on Beans logic and thinking and how he makes this book not only a part of the ender series it is also a stand alone book where, you could easily not read anything from Enders Game and still understand everything that’s going on is not only the sign of a great author but one of the most amazing book series ever. Card describes been in so many ways that at one point you think he’s some lucky kid just trying to live and the next he’s a super genius. Card takes his writing from Enders Game and forms it into more of a “think through” book. Where you find yourself not only mentally captivated by this book but making you think of things that you never thought of before. Which in my opinion made this book one of the world’s best selling books. Enders Shadow and Enders Game make the most powerful and entertaining books that I think the world has ever seen. These books when read one after another create the most amazing and in-depth story line the world will ever know. Also the introduction of a life long nemesis was one of the many parts of this book that I enjoyed the most.

alex m said...

*******Enders shadow was a great book it was as good as enders game if not better. I liked how in the begging bean was on the streets it made the book really interesting. He is almost as great as ender is hes a genius just like ender and it is really cool. I reccommend this book to every one its a great book and is way worth reading.