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Before I Die by Jenny Downham


Ashley R. said...

****Before I Die, by Jenny Downham was novel about a young girl who creates a list of things she would like to do before she dies, and the obstacles she goes through to fulfill them. She has to go trough many procedures to help her illness that she has had for four years. She stopped going to school and lost her personality, until the day she met Adam. Adam changed it all, made it seem like everything was going t be okay and she would live forever. If you like books about love and death then you will like this book.

Marie H said...

****Before I Die is a really good book because it is about this girl named Tessa who has had this illness for 4 years. She creates this list in which she would like to finish before she dies. Her best friend Zoey helps her with a lot of the things, until she met Adam. He showed her love. He showed her happiness. This book is really good and I suggest anyone to read it.

Molly Langer said...

****Before I die is an amazing book that will make you look at life in a whole different perspective. It has to do with a girl named Tessa and she has this illness for about four years. You start to learn some of the things that she wants out of life before she dies. There is this list and it deals with the things that she wants but also what she wants to experience. It is a heartfelt book, showing you another side of death and how some people can look at it. I recommend this book to everyone!!!!!! Best book Ever!!!!!