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The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini


Rianne R said...

The Kite Runner is about a young boy named Amir and his best friend/servant, Hassan. Amir and Hassan grow apart from a devastating event that happened to Hassan. Amir moves to America, but finds he must go back to his old, war-ravaged country to discover a truth he has tried to hide from his entire life. I would consider this one of my favorite books because it has a ton of suspense and new surprises on every page. I liked how the book was very descriptive about each individual and it helps with imagery a lot. I would recommend this book to anybody who is interest in war in the east and personal relationships.

Raymond $ said...

The book "Runner" was a great book about a interesting boy in my age, who wants to make his life better by working with "something" to save his drunk and unemployed dad, who he loves a lot.
Generally, the book shows how easy it is for adult to speak with any teenager and make them do what ever with money. The girls are als oin the scene with the boys, helping and solving the problems. Finally, this plot doesn't change your life, but it may change somebody else's.

Bre Olstad said...

I thought this book was on of the best books I've ever read. Usually books about these subjects don’t interest me. It was about a boy named Amir who lived in the district of Kabul. He greatly looked up to his father Baba but was also jealous of his father’s Hazara servant’s son Hassan. These boys grew up together and were the best of friends. Their fathers were also very close. Amir greatly betrays Hassan and things are never the same again. Hassan and his father move out of Baba’s house and he is devastated. Things are getting worse in their area so they escape to America. Amir however is forever haunted about what he did to Hassan. After Baba passes away Hassan finds out a life changing secret that his father has been holding from him his whole life. He finds that he has to travel back to this war stricken area to set things right. This book is the only book that I’ve read that I actually had to hold back tears. I would definitely suggest this book for this unit, or just in general.

Joey C. said...

I read the book The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini which I thought would be a **** book because I liked the plot, but I disliked the cowardness shown by the main character Amir. The story is based in Afghanistan and is about a boy named Amir and his servent/bestfreind/hazzara/sha' musslim/Hassan who lives in a dirt shack behind his house. At first the start of childhood friends but as time progresses everything changes and the plot gets pretty twisted. When Amir enters the Kite tournament and the unevitable happens which is unexpected. Next there families split up from each other in a huge dramatic scene.
Which makes the reader addicted and brings him into the authors next trap.

Kyle C said...

*** This book was a decent book, and I would recommend it only to people that are very interested in war. I didn’t really like the book in some parts because it went into too much detail, but other parts of the book were pretty good. It was about a kid named Amir and his best friend Hassan. In the midst of the book, something happens that sends Amir and his dad to the United States. When Amir returns to his hometown, he tries to make it up to Hassan. I liked the way that the author separated the two best friends because it added to the storyline of the book. Although there were parts in the book that I didn’t like, other parts were good enough to make up for it. This book wasn’t one of the bests I have read, but it wasn’t the worst.

Ron Tonuci said...

The Kite Runner is about a man from Afghanistan who grows up facing jealousy,and how he puts his own life on the line to protect your loved ones. He has a lot of regrets about his past, and he deals with it through trying to help things he can control now.

Ron Tonuci said...

This book was pretty good. I recommend for anyone who is interested in wars. It is about a man named Amir, who is from Afghanistan. Amir grows up there, but he moves away, leaving all his memories, and his home behind. He still regrets things from years before that happened when he was a kid. He feels like the only way to fix this is by going back to his hometown and doing certain things and looking for a certain person. But when he arrives, it becomes more of an adventure that he expected. To find out what he has in store for him read, "The Kite Runner", by Khaled Hossieni.

Dylan D said...

The Kite Runner is a story about a man named Amir. It delves into his childhood with his best friend and servant, Hassan. Hassan is an outrageously loyal friend that suffers tons of hardships defending Amir. They live in peace in Kabul, Afganistan until the winter of 1976, when the Russian soldiers invaded Kabul. Amir and his father escape to America, leaving everyone else behind. After struggling to make a decent live in America and succeeding, Amir gets a call from an old friend who stayed behind that help is needed. Now Amir must reenter the city he grew up in 30 plus years ago to right a wrong he commited as a child. What he finds when he gets back to Afghanistan shocks even the residents that still live there. This is a gripping story about loyalty, commitment, lies, and hidden pasts that are all interwoven to produce the final outcome. It's 371 pages that will go quick once you pick it up. a five star book in my eyes.